Power’s Blueprint for Success

We have a plan for everything — a way of doing things that has propelled our business and our people forward for more than twenty years. At the heart of this plan is a set of values that informs every step we take as we strive toward realizing our goal of making a positive impact on everything — and everyone — we touch. Those values help define who we are and shape the culture of this business. They don’t change. They are not situational. They are woven deeply into our company fabric, a “blueprint” that guides each and every decision we make. Our methodology empowers you to think big, design a path and act with purpose to accomplish your goals.

At Power, we ensure that every employee has a blueprint for personal development and upward mobility. We ensure that every customer has a blueprint for a flawless remodeling experience. We ensure that our company has a blueprint for continued growth and success into the future.

We ensure every single employee is set up to succeed from day one:


Attract like-minded people who naturally possess our core values; inspire them to fully immerse themselves in our vision; be the catalyst for their personal and professional development.


Have a specific plan for every position in every department at Power — everyone has a blueprint; guide, support and challenge employees to achieve more through mentorship and management; encourage genuine connections among our people through a uniquely inspired culture.


A training and leadership development cycle, specifically a leadership model where managers have demonstrated experience in the department they are managing; educational platforms that consist of small, engaging training sessions that are regimented and ongoing; large leadership conferences that expand the boundaries of our business philosophy, develop leadership aptitude and build concrete professional skills.


Hold everyone to the highest standard to achieve their full potential and represent the mission of the organization; merit-based empowerment of those who demonstrate excellence in their role; promote from within.

2014 Blueprint Celebration

Each year, we celebrate and honor our employees who truly embody Power’s Blueprint philosophy at a special dinner.

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